Montana Mental Health Trust

The Montana Mental Health Trust (the “Trust”) was created to support programs, services, and resources for the prevention, treatment, and management of serious mental illness of Montana children and adults, including programs, services, and resources for:

The Trust is a successor to the Montana Mental Health Settlement Trust. See Grant Summary 2016 for a summary of the grants made by that trust.

The Trustees look forward to receiving applications in accordance with the Trust’s Current Grant Application Guidelines.  As noted in these Guidelines, the Trustees strongly prefer grant applications addressing one of the following:

  1. Development of evidence based or promising novel programs to serve individuals with co-occurring disorders.

  2. Provision of physical, psychological, and pharmacological services to all persons in Montana.

  3. Provide transitional housing for persons released from treatment/custodial facilities.

  4. Establishment and/or continuance of community crisis systems for law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and courts to divert mentally ill persons from incarceration.

The Trust has listed four priorities in the Current Grant Application Guidelines on selected topics that they prefer to support in current guidelines.

Applications must be submitted electronically (in PDF format) to no later than as set out in the current guidelines. Applications must be made in the form described in the Grant Application.

The Trustees anticipate awarding a total of $500,000 new grants in 2016. If you have questions, please contact the Trust Director, Hon. David G. Rice at Montana Mental Health Trust P.O. Box 8666 Missoula, MT 59807